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Application/Officer Guides

These workbooks are meant for officers and recruits who are receiving instruction via our video training series.

They are used in academy classes, large and small department training, and self-study sessions.

They contain note taking areas, exercises, summaries and explanations of information presented in the videos.

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1-12 $14.95
13-25 $13.95
26-75 $12.95
76-99 $11.95
100+ $10.95


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Workbooks are available for all video/DVD series.

Application Guides

Online Training Courses

Report Writing for Increased Convictions

Shadow Victims: Crimes Against People with Disabilities

Each participant receives a workbook and a password to access the training site.

$27 per participant

Plus shipping and handling.




P0057 Report Writing

P0133 Shadow Victims

Report Writing for
Increased Convictions
Pocket Guide

Designed as a companion to our online training course Report Writing for Increased Convictions, this handy 30-page reference guide fits right in your pocket.

Basic Report Checklist
Legal Requirements Checklist
Writing Skills Checklist
DUI/DWI Reports
Domestic Violence Reports
Simplify! Clarify!
Hard-to-Spell Words
Using Apostrophes

Quantity Per Book
1-12 $6.95
13 + $5.95


$3.95 each when you also order the online training course.



Report Writing Pocket Guide